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Reveling The Revolution


An African American man named Jayden X aka John Sullivan is a political activist and video journalist who grew up in Stafford, Virginia, in a small rural town just 40 miles south of Washington DC. Sullivan was adopted at birth by two white parents into a conservative household and was raised in the LDS religion, up until the age of 18, when he left the church and moved to SLC, Utah, in 2012 to train for the Olympics for the sport of Long Track Speed Skating. 
Six years later, Jayden qualified to compete in the 2018 Olympic Trials, which allowed him to fight for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team set to compete in Pyeongchang. X, unfortunately, fell short of qualifying, which forced him to rethink his life ambitions, subsequently causing Jayden to look into other means that would enable him to provide for himself financially. Consequently, he fell into a sales carrier where he quickly excelled, becoming one of the company's top salesmen.
After months of workplace discrimination, Jayden left the company, as the racial slurs and harassment from managers and executives became overwhelming. After leaving the organization, John filed a lawsuit against his former employer, registering a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2019 to help change the corporate culture, ensuring others would not have to go through the same. Fighting the litigation for over a year, the company settled in late April of 2020, allowing X to put the dark past behind him. 
Weeks later, George Floyd's tragic death due to police brutality on May 25th, 2020, sparked national upset within the Black Community, flaring widespread riots across the United States as the Black Lives Matter movement began to take shape.
A few weeks after Floyd’s death, Jayden was riding his motorcycle and stumbled upon a chaotic scene in downtown SLC while making YouTube videos for his motorcycle club SLC Riders. X using Gopros attached to his helmet, regularly record rides for the club's members. That’s until he came across a riot taking place at the Utah State Capitol. Out of curiosity, Sullivan stopped to look around to investigate the situation. Using both cameras, he began to document the scene unfolding around him as the rebellious event developed. At the same time, several cars were flipped and burned as the protesters chanted, "take it to the streets and fuck the police, no justice, no peace." In a stance against the police brutality shown to African American men in the United States.
The protest sparked interests in Jayden and inspired him to form his own business, Insurgence T.V., which he used to document the demonstration happing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Involving himself more in the protest scenes, John began attending other rallies in the following months. This helped Sullivan have a deeper sympathy for the BLM movement and the police brutality shown to the black community. Having a greater awareness of this prompted Jayden to help organize protests which enabled him to spread the message that helped more individuals understand that racial discrimination was still happening in the United States.