Colombian Government Sparks Wide Spread Riots After 20 People Are Killed During A Protest

Violent protests erupted after the right-wing government. President Ivan Duque proposed a new tax reform bill associated with increasing the taxes on common goods purchased by the Colombian people, which would have an array of implications on the production and sale of products.

The Colombian government stated that the tax reform aimed to strengthen the countries economy and help bring it back from the damaging effects that Covid-19 has had on its infrastructure.

After several days of civil unrest and with over 24 people dead. The government withdrew its tax reform proposal.

Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla submitted his resigned on Monday evening, after spending most of the day in meetings with Duque. “My continuance in the government will complicate the quick and effective construction of the necessary consensus,” Carrasquilla said in a ministry statement, as reported by Reuters.

Even after the tax reform has been retracted, riots in several major cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and many others result in clashes between police and Colombian citizens. The ongoing unrest is due to the people seeing the oppressive response and police brutality shown to the Colombian people, which has sparked a new rage in their general populace.

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