How Capitol Police Aided In The Insurrection Of The US Capitol

Updated: Mar 5

I was standing at the Capitol's Steps as legions of insurrectionists surged ahead, trying to overthrow the small number of Guards standing at the top. Only a select few officers had gas masks and riot shields to protect them from the mob of rebels trying to break through the front lines. None of the officials had riot gear, which was typically worn during violent situations when crowd control was necessary. The gear usually consisted of thick armored padding, gas masks, face shields, tear gas launchers, or projectile guns that shot rubber bullets. All of these items are either meant to protect the officer or help disperse an unruly crowd. Not a single police officer who stood at the top of the staircase had any such equipment.

I have been to over 50 protests in the past year, and I have never seen such a passive response to the protester's violence that had been shown to authorities. Based on my observation of Jan 6th, the Capitol Police practically let the crowd of rebels enter the building with little to no resistance. This is baffling to me because just the night before at Black Lives Matter Plaza, 100s of Police Officers showed up in riot gear just for a handful of Trump Supporters. Now when there are tens of thousands of insurgents looking to storm the United States Capitol, only a handful is seen. Something is not right about that situation in and of itself.

At the very least, Tear gas should have been so thick that day I could not see the person in front of me, and rubber bullets should have been utilized with no hesitation. This is exactly how it was for only several hundred peaceful protesters marching down the middle of the street in Portland, Oregon. I can tell you that very few people at the US Capitol had gas masks, and almost none had face coverings that had been mandated by the District due to the Covid-19 Virus. You could see how an ample amount of CS Gas dispersed that day could have stopped a mob in its tracks, and from my experience, "That stuff is spicy AF."

Does the question then arise why was the same not implemented at the United States Capitol on January 6th?

Looking back now, we have a much clearer overview of the situation but still have a lot left to uncover. Since the Capitol Riot, over 35 Capitol Police officers are now under investigation for their role at the US Capitol, and 6 of them are suspended. The FBI and Chief Yogananda Pittman are blaming the officers on the frontlines for the breach in security. Those are not the officials we should be looking into for the negligence in our nation's Capitol's national security. While yes, some of those individuals will be found responsible for the siege that day, It should be directed to the higher-ranking officials who commanded them. That is where the real blame lies.

There should be an extensive investigation into the FBI themselves for this overlook considering the information was plainly in sight of anyone who sought to uncover it. This being further validated ON TUESDAY, the FBI Director Christopher Wray even deemed the Insurrection at the US Capitol a Domestic Terriest case. Wray even stated that hundreds of "raw, unverified, uncorroborated information" had been reported to the bureau and other local authorities the night before the Capitol Riot occurred.

We all now have to ask ourselves why was this not acted on and who should be held accountable for what really happened on the 6th of January at the United States Capitol.

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