Pentagon Took Hours To Respond On January 6th As The Riot At The Capitol Took Place

Updated: Mar 5

Major General William Walker who is The District of Columbia’s National Guard Commander told Senators at a joint congressional meeting on Wednesday that the senior pentagon officials were slow to act on the request for troops to be sent to the United States Capitol on January 6th.

General Walker Stating that ”At 1:49 PM I received a frantic call from the Chief of the United States Capitol Police, Stephen son his voice cracking with emotion indicated that there was a dire emergency at the capital. The approval for Chief sons request would eventually come on the acting secretary of defense and be relayed to me by army senior leaders at 5:08 PM about three hours and 19 minutes later.“

Then acting defense secretary Christopher Miller had been installed by Trump days after Joe Biden was declared the victor of the November election. Walker also said that on the day before the riot he petitioned and received Pentagon authorization to have the DC guard members on standby for the sixth. He also obtained a written order from then army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, that they could not deploy the service members without the secretaries explicit approval.

Wednesday is joint hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Rules Committee’s was part of a sequence of hearings about the defense preparations for and response to the attack at the United States Capitol on January 6th. They had been issued a bulletin the night just before the hearing that Capitol Police were warned of the potential for more violence.

Indicating they had intelligence showing a possible plot by a specified militia group planning another siege on Capitol for March 4th. Which is a date that right wing conspiracy theorist have claimed that Trump will somehow be proclaimed the actual winner having his second term in office.

This was reported by Reuters

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