The Storm Clouds Are Gathering - Part 1 of Uncovering The Insurrection

On August 28, 2020, I was invited to Washington DC as a press member to document the March on Washington held by the National Action Network. Over 100,000 people came out to the Lincoln monument to support black liberation and keep the historical symbolism of the great Dr. Martin Luther King's Jr. light burning from the I have a dream speech he gave on those very same steps we gathered on that day. Leaders from all over the nation came out in support, gathering around the Reflecting Pool that was mirroring the tall pencil-like figure of the Washington monument.

That day in DC, we marched around the city peacefully and made our way to Black Lives Matter Plaza right outside the White House. Thousands of people gathered around listening to speakers and singers. Towards the end, I had been asked to speak by one of the organizers of the march. I agreed to the request and got up on a small concrete barricade proclaiming that "we gotta fucking rip, Trump, out of that office right over there fucking pull him out of that shit." That speech was recorded by @bgonthescene, going viral on Twitter hours later on the internet in many right-wing circles.

I hoped down off the barrier and was approached by one of the organizers named Rockstar Ty from Portland Unity, an Anti-Fascist Group located in PDX. He introduced himself to me and told me about how he traveled the country, making connections with other like-minded individuals such as myself. Ty was putting together an Encrypted Communications chat called National BIPOC Organizers and invited me to be apart of it, and so I did.

After that, I was invited by one of the group's comrades to join another community chat called Black Power Interstate. This is where I met a lead organizer that went by the name Face of None. He and the other black community leaders had been fed up with the White Ran Anti-Fascist Groups who posed as in support of Black Lives and Black Liberation. As the so-called Allies in DC were doing nothing but taking advantage of the movement and exploited Black and Indigenous People Of Color. None wanted me to help him put an end to that and spread the awareness that this occurred.

In late October, I uncovered the local Anti-Fascist groups' plans to take out communication towers in Washington DC. When I stumbled across a map being distributed around several underground communication networks on Telegram. The graph labeled several DC Federal Buildings, Military Installations, and Courts. One of the mapped targets had been the 4th district precinct central communication tower on NW Georgia Avenue in Washington DC. Which handled the voice and wireless communications for public safety agencies such as Police, fire, EMS, and the like.

A few weeks had passed with no direct leads on who had been the originator of this action until I came across two groups called @FAAN_1312 ( Femme Anarcho Abolitionist Network), and @theythemcollective. Both of these groups were Anti-Fascist organizations that ran in Washington DC. Which Face of None and I thought could be the culprits of this plotted map of direct DC targets. Then October 23, 2020, they found the perfect opportunity to act on the insidious plans and took advantage of the community that mourned Karon Hylton's death.

Hylton was driving a moped to go and collect some car keys from a friend's house so he could return home. When Police tried to pull him over, he was struck by another car. As a result, causing the death of the young father. This is when the Anti-Fascist groups seized the opportunity and saw the communities were in great protest of the unjust and untimely death of a newborn child's beloved dad and planned a strike on October 28, 2020.

That night the Antifa organizations threw mortars and fireworks at the Police smashing in the precinct's windows. To their dismay, the Police stopped them from taking over the building and destroying the communications tower that night. But this failure only sparked a vast spread scheming in several underground directories such as chats on Telegram likeUprising Communications, SOS America Network, and Rust Directory. For weeks messages were flying back and forth when all of a sudden, it went dark.

This was until an article by USA Today's came out on December 22, 2020, stating, "White Supremacists plotted to attack the US electric grid by shooting into power stations." An affidavit that had been accidentally leaked from the FBI revealed that the Ohio man who planned the attack wanted to fast track Donald Trump's reelection, stating that "the timeline for being operational would accelerate if president trump lost the 2020 election."

This sounded quite similar to the two groups in DC trying to take out the communication tower. I contemplated why everyone was trying to target major networks that would cripple some of the county's main infrastructures? Nothing really came to mind at that moment, so I brushed it off and chalked it up as a conspiracy in my head. Until on December 25, 2020, Christmas Day, the plans started to take shape.

"If you can hear this message, Evacuate now. If you can hear this message, Evacuate now." A loud PA system broadcasted from an old white RV in the middle of downtown Nashville Tennessee. Suddenly a massive explosion rocked the city. As Anthony Quinn Warner, the identified suicided bomber, detonated the recreational vehicle (RV). Knocking out the central communications system for AT&T where they had the regional points that connected many of the areas, local wireless, internet, and video networks.

Conspiracy theorists speculated that Anthony had attempted to blow up the AT&T systems that ran the audits on the Dominion software used in the 2020 election. As many of them hypothesized that AT&T was conducting a "forensic audit" on Dominions Voting Systems technology.

Over the weeks that proceeded, several other RVs popped up all over the nation that broadcasted the same tune over the loud PA system. A few days after the explosion on December 27, 2020, an RV was parked on the road in Lebanon 30 Miles outside Nashville, Tennessee, when a bomb squad was called to investigate the situation, but no explosive devices were found. On January 1, parked in downtown Lexington, KY, another RV appeared that posed the same threat as the ones before. It seemed that Trump's rhetoric of the "Stopping The Steal" influenced his cult to believe in his unfound accusations religiously, which caused some to conduct radical extreme acts of violence.

This was when I investigated more in-depth into the two extreme groups who supposedly were on two different political spectrums. I tried to connect the dots and had to ask myself: "Could this be a coordinated attack orchestrated by both extreme groups?" This was when I remembered an article written by 2KUTV. It stated that BLM and Proud Boys now stood together in solidarity. I concluded that this could be the very thing that would connect the recent acts that terrorized the communities. Now I just needed to have enough evidence to prove it.

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