U.S. Citizens Killed In A Explosion Outside Kabul Airport In Afghanistan

Two explosions happened today in Kabul, right outside the Airport where they are evacuating hundreds of U.S. Citizens and other foreign diplomats.

At least 15 were injured as the SUICIDE attack hits Kabul airport entrances - Al Jazeera. The explosion occurred near the Baron Hotel across from the airport, reportedly being used by British forces. At least 3 American soldiers were casualties as blast hits near the hotel where British forces and journalists stay.

The suicide bomber detonated in a sewage canal on the perimeter of Kabul airport - not inside the airport itself but at a crowded choke point that leads to the British and Americans positions.

John Kirby, Pentagon Press Sec. - “A complex attack that resulted in several US & civilian casualties.”

The second explosion happened near Kabul Air Harbor. At least 20 people were killed, and dozens were injured, including the US military.

The latest reports show at least 40 dead and 120 wounded, with the majority in critical condition, and are currently