Uncovering The Insurrection: The Signs

Updated: Apr 19

Political turmoil and violence followed the weeks leading up to the election. I realized that many specific plans started to surface about targeting our Nation’s Capital. This came in various forms via social media posts, and flyers which quickly began being distributed in underground encrypted chats.

The information started to spread like wildfire using “#wearethestorm” to proliferate the message. As one of the flyers instructed in a bold dynamic, red, white, and blue, gothic lettering, that displayed the United States Capitol in the background. Which was surrounded by storm clouds, with flashes of lightning striking all around. Stating it was time to initiate, “Operation Occupy The Capitol. Take back our country from corrupt politicians.” Commanding all of Trump's troops to rally on “Jan 6th, 2021, All 50 States 12:00pm.”

Receptive that this was something serious that they were scheming, I began looking for other clues that might indicate that this might actually occur. I was now opening my mind, opening my eyes, to the possibility of something like the insurrection of The US Capitol being possible. It's not an easy feat to storm something like the Capitol of The United States of America. If you think about it, it’s absurd! Even uttering the words in the same sentence you tend to question your own sanity. This caused me to reflected for quite some time on the subject, asking myself. “Is this even something that is remotely possible to do in the 21st century?”

We have the technology to surveille the internet. We can look up keywords, to be able to find trending patterns and spread the awareness of any insurrectionary act towards our Nation’s Capitol. There would be heavy military presence, and a police force that would be able to combat any unarmed mob. It's kind of crazy to think, that all of this information was in plain sight. That not only the FBI couldn’t predict this but, Homeland Security, The Secret Service, or even our own Military. This was quite concerning, given the amount of money our country spends on its national security, $730 billion to be exact. 1

I gained this insight, through many hours of roaming the internet. Allowing me to gather enough evidence to figure out the Trump Supporter's Insurrectionary plans. I compiled a list of specific events, actions, posts, and comments that would give me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this would happen on January 6th. There were numerous underground chats in Telegram and Discord, that spread the information throughout different relays. Also, there were more common platforms on social media being utilized, like Parlor, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Community members who believed, in what I was doing was right, signed up to join in the effort. The collective of individuals worked together to help gather information, and contribute it to the overall investigation, that helped reveal the specific actions and events that would aid in the uncovering of the Insurrection set to occur on Jan 6th, at the United States Capitol.

A thought probably running through your mind right now is. “Well, why didn't you just report this to the FBI? Why didn't you report it to law enforcement?” Truthfully, I did. I am incredibly open with the information that I gather, posting all my findings on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and various other public platforms. I knew that many of these investigative agencies watched my social media accounts, based on the protests that I have held for social justice and police reform across the country. So, the authorities were well aware of what could transpire. I know this to be true, because I am currently fighting criminal charges that are stemming from Utah County. Natashia King[1][2], is a Sargent for The Provo Police Department in the city of Provo, Utah. She is a short white lady with glasses, has a deep nasally voice and long black hair. During a court hearing that was scheduled by Dave Sturgill who was the Utah County State Prosecutor, brought forth allegation to seek revocation of my bail in fear that I was a threat to the communities safety. He asked Sargent King to testify as a witness, in support of the state’s motion to modify bail and or conditions of my release. The hearing was held via WebEx on November 5th, 2020. The transcripts provided by the Utah State Courts reveal severe negligence to the threats of domestic terrorism that would take place in the proceeding months.

“Currently, have you been assigned to the John Sullivan case, in any capacity?” The state prosecutor asked.

“Yes, sir.” Sargent King said.

“And what is that?” Dave enquired.

“Predominantly, at this point, I am part of a group. Um, with Intel. Intel with protest groups. Basically, events going on in Provo.” She explained. Stuttering over herself, trying to remember what she did for a job.

“Yeah? How long has that been going on? As far as you are, uh, being part of that group?” The prosecutor examined.

King, takes a deep breath of air in, holding it for a moment. Then letting it all out, in one big long exhale, ostensibly putting great thought into the question that was presented. “Well, part of the public information officer position is kind of following through with things. So that would be five years, so more specifically, about the last, um, number of months.” Vaguely answering the question.

“So as part of that assignment, have you been monitoring Mr. Sullivan's activities in anyway?” Dave inquired.

“Yes, sir.” She answered back promptly.

“And what's that?” asked the prosecutor. In a sarcastic puzzling tone conveying that he had already known the answer to his well-rehearsed question.

King again, pausing for a moment, contemplating the question that had been posed. “Uh, primarily on social media. So, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.” She replied.

Dave wanting to dig deeper into the subject asked. “And what have you been observing on social media, within regards to Mr. Sullivan.”

“Um, A lot of activity. Uh, um, um. A lot of protest updates, and first amendment rights expressions.” Sargent King replied, trying to seem somewhat unbiased in her response.

Suddenly the Judge interrupted because of someone during the video call, could be heard rapidly typing away on their keyboard. The individual who was called out by the judge became immediately embarrassed and muted himself, allowing the proceedings to continue.

The State Prosecutor resuming with his examination of the eyewitness saying. “So, in specifically, within regards to Mr. Sullivan, has there been anything that’s been.” Pausing for a moment to gather his thoughts. “That’s raised an eyebrow for lack of a better phrase?” He asked King. Intent on finding the underlying cause of this unsolved mystery.

The Sargent seemingly puzzled by the question, struggles to recollect the evidence that she had been brought here to testify on. “Absolutely! Um with us um, I've been contacted by the FBI, and the Secret Service regarding some of his posts.”

Interesting that she says that. So if I heard that correctly, then they must have been well aware of the detailed content that I had posted for months. King said that she was specifically assigned to report any and every type of activity displayed on my social media accounts directly to the FBI and other government agencies. Especially the content that I posted, that could even give any type of inclination into divulging any of my criminal activities. So, you now see, why they were more than cognizant of the content I was displaying on my various public forms. Knowing this makes the situation extremely more concerning because they could have stopped a lot of people from dying on January 6th.

The first significant incident that gave me an indication that Trump Supporters were plotting the insurrection of the United States Capitol occurred in Salem Oregon. At the Oregon State Capitol on December 21, 2020 2. Trump supporters, Anti Mask Protesters and members of a far right group called Patriot Prayer, kicked in the glass doors of the building, which allowed them to break inside and ransack the interior. Oregon State Police and the Salem Police Department showed up in riot gear to combat the looters who had broken into the building. A short standoff occurred inside between the two opposing groups. Which led to several rounds of CS gas and pepper balls being fired, forcing the crowd out of the Capitol. A few minutes later, the SWAT team arrived on the street, just outside the building which ensued in another clash between the protesters and the authorities.

Not only was the aggression shown towards the local officials, but it was directed to the media as well. Two journalists were assaulted that day, one who was a photographer representing Statesman Journal of the USA TODAY Network was repeatedly shoved as reported by Sergio Olmos a left-wing blogger on twitter. Who tweeted a video saying “Anti-lockdown Protestors assault a journalist for photographing faces.”3 Assaulting the police and media was something extremely out of character for the diehard Trump Fans. Which made me contemplate the uprising that day by the MAGA Supporters and other far right groups, which made me ask myself the question. “If they were willing to go that far, what else are they willing to do?” I knew that one thing was certain. It would not be possible for the Trumpets to storm the United States Capitol, unless they overcame their undying love that they had for their men in blue.

Seeing the way the Trump Supporters confronted and combated police at the Oregon State Capitol, made me realize that blue lives, didn't really matter anymore to the right-wing protesters. One thought had crossed my mind contradicting that statement. I wanted to make sure that these so-called patriots that stormed the state capitol. Were they really the same nationalists I had been seeing all year? Not just Antifa, who had been dressed up Trump supporters looking to stoke the flames. I just needed to make sure, these were in fact, the type of protesters you would see at a MAGA Rally. Did they have Confederate flags, American flags, Trump 2020 banners, were any of them wearing masks? All of which are clear indicators that would identify them as Trumpets. Helping me separate them for the Anarchist who could be looking to pose as loyal American Patriots. I finally concluded after analyzing the attendees from the Uprising that day. That they were indeed the patriotic citizens, angry at the fact the election was stolen from them. Which had aided in sparking a new aggression towards the government, for taking away their freedom of choice to determining whether or not to wear a mask in public. Which at the time was being enforced to help protect against continuing the spread of Covid-19 Virus. Now that I understood this, from investigating all the situations that transpired that day, at the Oregon State Capitol. I felt like this was the first situation that could change the Trumps Supporters solidarity with Law Enforcement. Allowing them to overcome the only barrier that prevent the insurrection from being possible at the United States Capitol.

I started to connect the dots over the weeks preceding the uprising that had occurred in Salem Oregon. I was in Washington D.C for Election Day which had fell on November 3rd,2020. Standing outside The Capitol Hilton hotel that night due to a riot that erupted in front of building between Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys, Trump Supporters and the Police. Due to the Chuds trying to get into to BLM plaza to vandalize the murals that were strung along the 20-foot fence that was erected to protect the White House. For those of you who are not too familiar with the word “Chud” it is an insult primarily used by socialist left to describe the members of the alt-right community.4 Which was primarily directed towards any MAGA supporter or Piss Boys that the Anti-Fascist coalition deemed worthy of the nickname.

The Chuds had gathered in large numbers right outside my hotel and were yelling at the Pigs who were blocking of the intersection keeping them from clashing with the left-wing protesters. I could see the growing frustration in the right-wing protesters as they started shouting violent rhetoric towards the authorities. This type of aggression was mostly shown by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters. Trump's supporters and the Proud Boys had been big advocates for the police. Rallying around the slogan Blue Lives Matter to come out in contrast to the Black Lives Matter movement that was surging all summer.

The BLM movement was sparked by harsh controversy over the murder of George Floyd. An African American man who died at the age of 46 on May 25th,2020.5 He was confronted by the police in Minneapolis after a store clerk alleged that had passed a counterfeit $20 bill. Derek Chauvin, one of the four officers who had arrived on the scene, knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 Minutes and 46 seconds. Suffocating the man, resulting in his death causing a massive uprising across the country in response to the police brutality shown to African American men. BLM supporters began to rally around a slogan that was calling for the reduction in funding for law enforcement, “Defund the Police.” Later, the medical examiners found fentanyl in Floyds system. This substance combined with the compression from the officer restraining him, resulted in a cardiopulmonary arrest.

These findings ignited a greater divided, causing many right-wing conservatives to rally around the slogan “Blue Lives Matter.” To support their local officials and to stop the defunding of law enforcement that was now starting to gain wide support in a lot of the left leaning cities. So when heard the Chuds start saying, “Fuck the police, we don't fucking need them!” This was shocking, and also a huge moment in my eyes. Also, I was talking to an older woman who was in her mid-50’s, standing outside the hotel smoking during the riot that was taking place around us. She was a big advocate for Trump, and she started talking to me tying to convey, that she had a lot of negative experiences with law enforcement. “Don't get it twisted son, I wouldn't say I like the police at all. Personally, I do not support them because they are manipulative, and they can lie to you without any repercussions. Do you know how angry that makes me? We need to hold them accountable for their actions!” Talking to her made me realize, that there was massive paradigm shift shown in the right-wing conservatives actions and perspective towards the police. This transformation in their messaging was vital to Jan 6th success. Leading to another clear indicator that the Trumpets were no longer flying their blue flags loud and proud. I must admit this was slight hint to the possibility of them joining forces with Antifa and Black Lives Matter’s. Which would aid in their hidden agendas to Abolish the Police and topple the governing structure that was currently suppressing both groups.

“Uprising Communications Directory USA.” is an Antifa’s anonymous underground network. When joining the channel, you will be greeted by message, saying, “Standing for black lives and against all forms of oppression.”6 This anti-establishment network is full of treasure troves containing information stemming from nearly every city in the United States. This directory has hundreds of sub channels all with a specific mission to organize and distribute information on a mass scale. Channels like the “SOS Network”7, which is a series of relays ran in each city, to alert on specific actions taking place or warn the community of possible threats. For example, if Chuds decided to hold a rally in their city, they would be able to effectively coordinate a counterattack forcing them to retreat out of the district.

Then there are channels like the “Revolutionary Toolbox” which provide, “Important resources on how to protest effectively, by sharing essential knowledge for all activist and revolutionaries to use.”8 Which is announced in their opening message posted on the channel. With a small disclaimer “DON’T BE STUPID! Posts to the Toolbox advocate all viewers to bear in mind all legal risks, and the creators of the Toolbox do not endorse or engage in any of the “dumb and dangerous activities” described herein.” That statement does not raise any concerns at all, (as I roll my eyes).

Toolbox was broadcasting out information on flyers with infographics like how to set a car on fire. Displaying several black and white photos of vehicles that had been set ablaze. Implying for readers to quote use, “Good quality firelighters.” Instructing that “hi-energy individually sealed or ‘gell’ are the best” type of igniters to “Help prevent forensic traces on your clothes.” Enabling you to avoid being identified by government officials. The instructions go onto depict two separate positions for the placement of incendiary device. For the maximum shock and aw use position 1 by, “placing it directly on top of the wheel under the arch below the fuel tank/cap. This will result in a fuel tank explosion if products are hi-energy.” If you are just looking to burn a car without making a big scene try position 2. Grab your ‘gell’ and “push into/through outer engine grill. This will result in an engine fire which will also destroy the vehicle.” In case you are having second thoughts, don’t be. These are “the cars of the wealthy classes, the corporations and state are the fuel of our urban barricades and the flame of our international solidarity.” Join the cause and help “in an act of social war against the capitalist system and consumer culture.” The flyer then ends with a large Anti-Fascist logo, displaying on the bottom right-hand corner. Depicting the symbol of a large (A) that is placed in the middle of a circle.

Anarchist, Communist, Socialist, Marxists, and other extreme political ideologies stemming from the left are promoted a welcomed to coordinate anonymously. Allowing them to wage war on the Capitalist American government with absolutely no resistance. All well operating under the ploy that black lives matter, and they will not stop until the oppressed working class is liberated from bondage.

Another channel “Washington DC BLM Protests.”9 Broadcasted an alert, warning all users of the fascist heading into DC on January 6th. Posting a map, that had been plotted out by the Chuds, displaying color coordinated routes and designated stops that the Maggots (aka MAGA supporters) would, “connecting patriot caravans to Stop the Steal in DC.” The chart providing, “UPDATED CONTACT INFO TO SHARE ON FB/GAB/PARLER/ETC (SHARE SHARE SHARE)” Which provided emails for each route, such as the “Michigan Route-vandenboschthomas25@protonmail, Boston Route- gailbrown67@yahoo, Tennessee Route- caravan@fea.st, Alabama Route- BurntPie@protonmail.”

Shortly after posting charts identifying military installations, police facilities, and other communication towers that would be potential targets for the Proud Boys and MAGA supporters. All potential targets and strategies to assault the U.S. Capitol were on display in underground, and public forms that were being distributed widely across the internet in communication relays such as the ones I stated above.

To say that the Insurrection was not planned would be foolish, as preparations to storm the United States Capitol were schemed online in plain sight. Personally, I made sure of it, posting these details on my social media accounts, warning the community of the impending revolt, but it seemed like it fell on deaf ears. People, and law enforcement did not care to notice. Even after several attempts to report my finding to local law enforcement agencies, personally calling into the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC. To inform them of the planned insurrection on January 6th, leaving a message with one of the operators who picked up the line. Stating that an investigator would call me back to gather more information, and to my surprise weeks later, I got no response. For some reason government and local officials were continuously ignoring the terrorism that was being plotted openly in public forms online.

One of the most striking situation where local authorities in DC ignored the signs of what was to come. Happened on December 12, 2020, I had flown into the city to report on the protest that were being orchestrated by both the right-wing and the left-wing demonstrators. The Anti- Fascist were preparing on confronting the Proud Boys who had planned a march to the plaza. Specifically stating that they were there to deface the mural’s that had been hung in tribute to mourn the loss of the black men, women and children murdered at the hands of the police.

Defend DC a local Anti-Fascist organization put out a call to action on both the 11th and the 12th of December. Posting a flyer that Spelled out in big bold lettering “NO-Proud Boys in DC Dec 11&12.” 10 Stating on their website that, “On the 14th, after the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, posted, "DC Antifa Ends Tonight", hundreds of Proud Boys took to the streets, looking for opponents to attack. They soon found some. Fights ensued, leading to several stabbings and assaults by the Proud Boys, who also destroyed banners on private property proclaiming that Black lives matter.”11

The 12th of December was set to see the same type of violence shown by the Chuds on 14th of November. Unfortunately, I was right the proud boys roamed the city trying to hunt down Antifa and BLM members. Four people got stabbed and out of the four individuals, two of them were police officer. This was done by the members of the so-called patriot organizations. Also 33 individuals were arrested in result of the clashes between both groups that night.12 Hearing that the Proud Boys had stabbed local law enforcement. That’s when I knew things had escalated to the point were storming the U.S. Capitol was a reality for them and these attacks weren't the first time that this outbreak of violence had occurred.

During the Million MAGA March[3], several people also got slashed. One of my comrades, who is a local activist in DC named Tuesday, had gotten stabbed by a Chud. Watching one of his interviews online he starts describing that, “one of my comrades gets stabbed and I kind of get my comrade out of the way and all of a sudden there was a knife in me.”13 Tuesday said, explaining the scene to one of the reporters that had been standing around at Black Lives Matter Plaza. Hearing him describe the situation was terrifying. I could feel the fear that he went through as articulated his emotions that he felt, as he looked down, and saw a knife sticking out of his body. Only to realize that his bulletproof vest had saved him from serious bodily harm!

This made me worried because at that point, I had never even thought to bring my bulletproof vest to DC. Nor did I bring it for any of the other protests I attended, except the ones I helped organized in Utah. I had purchased breastplates months ago, due to an heavily armed militia that had formed against me in Utah, bringing AR-15’s, sniper rifles, shotguns and other semi-automatic rifles to my protests. They would make numerous amounts of death threats to me and other community members. Seeing my friend get stabbed forced me to bring my body armor to DC as well. The only reason I hadn’t worn my full tactical vest prior was because when the armored plating was inserted, it was not something that was light by any means. It weighed around 70 pounds because of the two ceramic plates that are placed on the front and the back of the plate carrier. Which will block up to 5.56 millimeters rounds and are typically the type of bullet fired out of a Semi-Automatic Rifle.

Occasionally, I'll wear my vest during demonstrations with no armored plating, because of how cumbersome it can be to wear around. Most of the time you are having to march for miles or run away from some unknown danger. That additional 70 pounds can slow you down. Consistently, I utilized my vest to secure any camera equipment or use it as an extra storage space for carrying things like a portable battery pack. This allowed most of my gear to be easily accessible while on the fly. I would say, that hearing about Tuesday getting stabbed, definitely made me worried about my safety. What if next time I went to DC and I didn't bring my armored vest? I could end up in the same condition, if not worse.

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