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Receptive that this was something serious that they were scheming, I began looking for other clues that might indicate that this might actually occur. I was now opening my mind, opening my eyes, to the possibility of something like the insurrection of The US Capitol being possible. It's not an easy feat to storm something like the Capitol of The United States of America. If you think about it, it’s absurd! Even uttering the words in the same sentence you tend to question your own sanity. This caused me to reflected for quite some time on the subject, asking myself. “Is this even something that is remotely possible to do in the 21st century?”

We have the technology to surveille the internet. We can look up keywords, to be able to find trending patterns and spread the awareness of any insurrectionary act towards our Nation’s Capitol. There would be heavy military presence, and a police force that would be able to combat any unarmed mob. It's kind of crazy to think, that all of this information was in plain sight. That not only the FBI couldn’t predict this but Homeland Security, The Secret Service, or even our own Military. This was quite concerning, given the amount of money our country spends on its national security, $730 billion to be exact. [1]

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I gained this insight, through many hours of roaming the internet. Allowing me to gather enough evidence to figure out the Trump Supporter's Insurrectionary. I compiled a list of specific events, actions, posts, and comments that would give me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this would happen on January 6th. There were numerous underground chats in Telegram and Discord, that spread the information throughout different relays. Also, there were more common platforms on social media being utilized, like Parlor, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Community members who believed, in what I was doing was right, signed up to join in the effort. The collective of individuals worked together to help gather information, and contribute it to the overall investigation, that helped reveal the specific actions and events that would aid in the uncovering of the Insurrection set to occur on Jan 6th, at the United States Capitol.

A thought probably running through your mind right now is. “Well, why didn't you just report this to the FBI? Why didn't you report it to law enforcement?” Truthfully, I did. I am incredibly open with the information that I gather, posting all my findings on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and various other public platforms. I knew that many of these investigative agencies watched my social media accounts, based on the protests that I have held for social justice and police reform across the country. So, the authorities were well aware of what could transpire. I know this to be true, because I am currently fighting criminal charges that are stemming from Utah County. Natashia King[1] [2] , is a Sargent for The Provo Police Department in the city of Provo, Utah. She is a short white lady with glasses, has a deep nasally voice and long black hair. During a court hearing that was scheduled by Dave Sturgill who was the Utah County State Prosecutor, brought forth allegation to seek revocation of my bail in fear that I was a threat to the communities safety. He asked Sargent King to testify as a witness, in support of the state’s motion to modify bail and or conditions of my release. The hearing was held via WebEx on November 5th, 2020. The transcripts provided by the Utah State Courts reveal severe negligence to the threats of domestic terrorism that would take place in the proceeding months.

“Currently, have you been assigned to the John Sullivan case, in any capacity?” The state prosecutor asked.

“Yes, sir.” Sargent King said.

“And what is that?” Dave enquired.

“Predominantly, at this point, I am part of a group. Um, with Intel. Intel with protest groups. Basically, events going on in Provo.” She explained. Stuttering over herself, trying to remember what she did for a job.

“Yeah? How long has that been going on? As far as you are, uh, being part of that group?” The prosecutor examined.

King, takes a deep breath of air in, holding it for a moment. Then letting it all out, in one big long exhale, ostensibly putting great thought into the question that was presented. “Well, part of the public information officer position is kind of following through with things. So that would be five years, so more specifically, about the last, um, number of months.” Vaguely answering the question.

“So as part of that assignment, have you been monitoring Mr. Sullivan's activities in anyway?” Dave inquired.

“Yes, sir.” She answered back promptly.

“And what's that?” asked the prosecutor. In a sarcastic puzzling tone conveying that he had already known the answer to his well-rehearsed question.

King again, pausing for a moment, contemplating the question that had been posed. “Uh, primarily on social media. So, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.” She replied.

Dave wanting to dig deeper into the subject asked. “And what have you been observing on social media, within regards to Mr. Sullivan.”

“Um, A lot of activity. Uh, um, um. A lot of protest updates, and first amendment rights expressions.” Sargent King replied, trying to seem somewhat unbiased in her response.

Suddenly the Judge interrupted because of someone during the video call, could be heard rapidly typing away on their keyboard. The individual who was called out by the judge became immediately embarrassed and muted himself, allowing the proceedings to continue.

The State Prosecutor resuming with his examination of the eyewitness saying. “So, in specifically, within regards to Mr. Sullivan, has there been anything that’s been.” Pausing for a moment to gather his thoughts. “That’s raised an eyebrow for lack of a better phrase?” He asked King. Intent on finding the underlying cause of this unsolved mystery.

The Sargent seemingly puzzled by the question, struggles to recollect the evidence that she had been brought here to testify on. “Absolutely! Um with us um, I've been contacted by the FBI, and the Secret Service regarding some of his posts.”

[1] (The Militarized Budget 2020, n.d.)

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